Sunday, May 22, 2011

pacies be gone........

i have two very unhappy 2yr olds in our home right now. yesterday, 6mo after their 2nd birthdays, i decided that it was time to cut the pacie's (literally) from their lives! the rule has been with our other 4 children that the day after their 2nd birthday, we take the pacie and it is never to be used by that child again! i have to admit that i faltered when it came to cardin and maxwell......maybe it was because i wanted to keep them my babies a little while longer or because the next baby of ours to have a pacie will be our grandchildren.....i don't know! having a hard time wrapping my mind around them growing up! they are even sitting on the potty.....I, I, I!!

laying them down tonight, the 2nd night, was like pouring scalding hot water on maxwell. he thrashed around his crib and screamed and yelled for a good 15 min. bless him....i picked him up and held him for a few minutes while he clung to me asking for his pacie! cardin just watched with a sad pouty face and whimpered! they are so sweet and can melt you like butter.....i had to be strong!

so long pacie's.........our little people are growing up!!


  1. Poor babies!!! I know it's time but poor babies!!!

  2. Isn't that the hardest thing!!! Wish they could just stay little! Reminds me of that song "let them be little..."