Thursday, August 13, 2009


when i say the word VACATION, i think of joseph and i sitting on the beach somewhere under an umbrella watching our six ashen white, 70 spf coated children frolicking in the sand....when i think of VACATION, i think of sleeping late in the morning, eating brunch out, sitting around and talking for hours, no plans, no agenda, watching movies, staying up late. my definition of VACATION: a break from the everyday...time to "enjoy" one another and the scenery around you.....lazy days!

we have been on VACATION since the end of july......we have driven hundreds of miles through at least five states (so far). we have been woken up at the crack of dawn.....i'm talking daybreak, since we left, and at least twice a night and not only by the twins. we have cleaned up throw up in every state we have been in, on every surface imaginable.....and lets not talk about the diarrhea that has accompanied that.....i am talking about every day since we pulled out of our driveway! i have sat in an urgent care and in the hospital, holding two of my girls down, trying to comfort them, as they got their first IV. i have heard my name called more in the past few weeks then i have two months at home. joseph has been traveling....that's all i have to say about that. i am sleep deprived, honory, strained!

did i mention we are on VACATION?

oh the memories we are making! one day we will all laugh about this......the upside is that i have been able to spend time with my family (parents and siblings). i was able to reconnect with one of my cousins. i have been able to see one of my dearest friends. our children are all here with us...they don't feel good, but they are here. we have seen and experienced yellowstone and saw old faithful blow!

it may not be ideal but it is our VACATION.....together!