Thursday, May 5, 2011

its official......

we are on the move....literally! we have been anticipating this for quit awhile, and as of may 5, 2011, it has officially been announced that we are moving to utah!! there were a couple of options as to where we would move and i have to say that the anticipation has been killing me! joseph starts working in his new territory of only 5 states (as opposed to 7 states) on june 1. what this means for our family you ask? for daddy to be home 3 weeks out of the months instead of just 1 week out of the month.....fingers crossed anyway!!

joseph and i have always enjoyed change. we actually welcome it! keeps you on your toes! it is becoming more and more difficult to do with having 6 kids though! they don't understand what benefits come from change......they are secure in their environment and for that i am thankful! when we moved to washington from north carolina, gracie had just turned 5, jackson 3, ela 1, and olivia was only 6 weeks old. change was easy in their baby states! now 4 1/2 yrs later, becoming established in school and preschool and in a wonderful ward it makes it a bit more difficult!

hoping to be to busy to dwell on leaving......we shall see!

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