Sunday, February 28, 2010

a wonderful time............

last night a group of ladies from church got together for a birthday bash out on the town to celebrate two wonderful women turning 40 yrs old!


today is gracie's 8th birthday. it is so hard to believe that our baby girl is 8 yrs old. i remember the day she was born and how beautiful she was. i couldn't have imagined looking at her 8 years later and thinking that she is just as beautiful as she was the day she was born.

our gracie is such a blessing in our lives. she is so kind and generous. she is patient and happy. she is spunky and creative. she is sensitive and caring!

i am so glad she chose to be in our home! we love her so much!

happy birthday gracie!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


this morning max joined jackson, ela, and olivia in the "tubes" club! we got him up bright and early and took him to the ent. the dr said he had pus packed in his little canals that had to be sucked out! nasty i know! since he has gotten home he hasn't stopped! he acts like nothing happened today, which makes me happy! the only thing that i can see is different is that he can hear sounds he didn't hear before.......he turns his head and looks around! he is happy!

i credit the small ear canals to joseph........just so you know! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

this past week..............

this past week was one of the hardest weeks of my mommy life! joseph was out of town from monday to wednesday and so that left me on my own with the kids..............that means, i did all of the running plus some! why that seems new to me at this moment, i don't know.

monday, was the slowest day. i got all of the kids up and loaded them in and took gracie and jackson to school at 8:00 am. went back and picked jackson up at 11:00am and then back to school to get gracie at 2:45pm, loading and unloading the kids up and out each time! that can where a momma out!

tuesday, was my kicker day! i got up at 6:00 that morning and then got all of the kids up and dressed and fed and loaded..........gracie and jackson to school at 8:00 am and then i dropped the twins and olivia off at a friends house at 9:00am so i could go and volunteer at ela's pre-school. off to pre-school for parent helping at 9:30am. one of my friends picked jackson up at 11:00 and took him to where the twins and livey were (thank you amy)! left pre-school at 11:30am and went to get the other kids and change ela for tap. she had to be at tap at 12:30pm, but i got to talking and ran late! ran to wal-mart to get jackson cupcakes for his birthday to take to school on wednesday and the twins and olivia fell asleep..................and then ela started screaming she had to use the potty! now when ela start screaming that, it is seconds before it comes and she has an accident! i thought i would take the back way home so she could go potty.........i'm going 25 in a 20 and low and behold, i see red lights behind me! the officer comes up and asks me why he pulled me........i told him i was going 25 and i had to get home so my child could use the potty! i did put the accent on a little thicker as well. he gave me a ticket for $140! i haven't had a ticket in YEARS! i should have turned around and had the kids pinch each other so they would all be screaming at the top of their lungs so the officer could get the full effect of the wrath of 6 kids in a bad mood...............needless to say, ela had an accident in the car! lovely! came home for an hour and then loaded everyone back up and ran to basketball practice at 5:30pm. jackson practiced till 6:30 and then we loaded back up and went and got the kids dinner (at jacksons place of choice since it was his birthday) and then back to basketball practice at 7:30 pm for gracie! 8:30 we all head home and everyone has a bath and then all are in bed by 10:00! i had had it!

my baby boy, jackson, turned 6 on tuesday! he is such a good boy! he is patient and kind to his sisters and brother and is very helpful! he tries to do his best in all that he does! we are so lucky to have him with us! it is hard to believe that he is already 6 yrs old!!

wednesday, i took gracie and jackson to school at 8:00 and then ela to school at 9:30 and then the twins and olivia and i went back to jacksons school to have cupcakes with his class! it was so much fun to be in class with him and he was really excited! we stayed with him for a bit and then left and went to get ela from pre-school at 11:30 and then back to get gracie and jackson from school at 12:00 (early release day)!

life gets me tired sometimes especially when joseph is traveling!

here are some random pictures i thought i would share!

max and cardin hanging out in the playroom!
max with yet another ear infection! poor baby!
cardin getting a lift from dad at the drs office!
olivia and ela playing dress up!
closeup of olivia!
ela after her pet parade at pre-school! her favorite mouse received an award for "the quietest pet!"
gracie in her baptism dress before she had her pictures done and olivia wanted to dress up just like her!