Tuesday, May 3, 2011

guess where i found it?........

as i was washing my face this morning, i saw something i had never before seen on my person......a GRAY hair!! i am only 35 yrs old....i know that i have been married for 10 1/2 yrs AND have 6 kids AND worked stressful jobs and have my share of challenges.... BUT, i have yet to find a GRAY hair until today......and low and behold, there it was standing straight up, saluting me like it was an honor for me to be in it's presence! i couldn't believe it! it had positioned itself strategically in the middle of my right eyebrow.......so, i went to town, first debating on whether to pull the coarse-stick-straight-foreign-object out of my eyebrow for fear that more may grow back in it's place, and then snapping back to reality with tweezers in hand and realizing that i couldn't walk around with this rogue eyebrow on my face! didn't take me but a minute to get a hold of it and yank it out with my trusty tweezing utensils!

on the upside, the GRAY hair was not a GRAY GRAY but a white GRAY! i have always thought that when i get old and if i do turn GRAY, i would want to be white GRAY instead of GRAY GRAY! is this what the future holds for my GRAY-ness? i guess only time will tell! hopefully mother nature will give me another 35 yrs before my next GRAY hair appears!!!

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  1. I can't believe it is your first! All downhill from now girl! Glad you're back blogging! ♥