Sunday, June 21, 2009


i couldn't let this day pass without writing about two very important men in my life. i have been blessed with two grandfathers, many uncles, cousins, brother in laws, one father in law, and a brother who have/are wonderful men. they have been a huge part of my life growing up and into my adulthood. my life has been blessed because these men, who have played different roles, are in it!

today i am grateful for my dad. when i think about my dad, there are many characteristics that come to my mind. my dad is a hard worker. he has always provided for his family. he has put us first and foremost in all instances. my dad is loyal, loving, shy when you first meet him, stubborn, considerate, prayerful, intimidating, jovial, thoughtful, straight forward, playful, happy. my dad is one of the most spiritual people i know. he sees no fault in others. he is a leader. he has supported me through my life changing events: college, mission, marriage. he is a comforter, a protector, a honorable priesthood holder. i have watched him become a "granddaddy". he is the senior patriarch in our family. he is my dad!

i am also grateful for joseph. he is my other half, the one that completes me, my eternal companion. i am in awe of his accomplishments. among them, the six children that we share together. he is so good to them. he celebrates every day that we are all together. he is their protector, playmate, provider, teacher, disciplinary, helpmate, best friend, tball coach, driver, lunch buddy, wii companion, movie night instigator, golfing teacher, wrestling partner, music loving, photographer. he feels their joy and their heartache. he is the sun in their sky and the light in their darkness. i think many days he underestimates his importance in their lives but without him they would be empty. their laughter and their joyful spirits are drawn to their daddy. i am so grateful for his example in their lives as well as mine. I'm grateful for his loyalty to our family, to his children. i am grateful for the righteous priesthood holder that he is......that he can call upon our Heavenly Father in our children's behalf. he is so special in so many ways!

today i celebrate my dad and my husband! i celebrate the men you are and the ones that you will become. i celebrate the stages of life we have shared together and that we will share together! i am glad that we our bound together through eternities! i love you both very much!

happy fathers day!