Saturday, January 2, 2010

less than loved.....

i'm feeling a little less than loved the past couple of days. had a misunderstanding with a couple of my girlfriends a couple of days ago...............

so what's bothering me? i guess it's the fact that it even happened. i know that a bunch of girls together are normally considered "catty" among other things.......i have felt since i have been in washington that the people who i have become friends with have been honest, up front, strong, independent, trustworthy "sisters".....and that is what i consider each one of my friends.

bottom line is the whole "girlfriend" thing can be a little overwhelming at times. part of true friendship involves growing and bouncing off of one another, in good times and bad. true friendships go through those ups and downs and come out stronger in the end. i have never been in an area with such strong woman around me......there are those who can have a perfect home, the hardest church calling, a husband who walks on water, a handful of well-dressed children who have manners, be completely presentable 100% of the time, and deliver nothing but don't get me wrong.....i know that is not entirely true and that everyone has an issue or two but denial is bliss sometimes to those looking in!!! on the other hand, i have felt uplifted and buoyed by said women. i have the desire to be better because of those around me.................................

i promised myself a long time ago that i would not hold my feelings in when something needs to be said, good or bad. i can't afford to have my insides eaten up with worry and "what if's" racing through my never ending thoughts. it's just one of those things.

anyway, my mood the last couple of days has been less then exciting to say the least. maybe it's my innate self torture that is pulling me down for the misunderstanding even happening. at times like this i feel very secluded even though i'm not.

let me just put it out there for you......whoever you are. a peak into my heart and soul. it is raw and exposed! nevertheless, i love my girlfriends. i read in "the" magazine the other day that there are three apecific things that a woman has to have in her life to keep her stress level down and the #1 asset was girlfriends. i agree!

so there you have it.....if i weren't on a diet i would go and get ice cream with m&m's and reeses peanut butter cup, but alas.....that is all!!!!!


  1. I love you Holly. Sorry you are having a hard time. Call me anytime!!!

  2. Holly, I hope your know how much I love you. Do you realize you are one of those amazing women whom you just described! You add so much to the lives around you. In the madness of life which likes to suck us all in, we don't take enough time for ourselves or for nurturing the friendships that matter. It's always good to be reminded!

  3. I MISSED you this weekend!!!! Lets get ice creme July 1st ! ( you know what I mean)

  4. Oh Holly, you rock my socks! I don't even know you as much as I would like to and I love you. I can't help it, you're just so freaking awesome. Stuff happens and you get through it. You're a strong lady. I hope you are feeling more loved now.