Friday, January 8, 2010

the first week results are in...........

so, the official pounds lost for week one are 3 pounds......not to bad but not what i was expecting. as of yesterday, i had lost 4.6 pounds and then went and shot that by eating steak for dinner later than i should have, thus, 1.6 pound gain! i really wanted to report that i had lost 4.6 pounds for the week and pray that i made up for it next week, but, what does that say about me?? so, i didn't lie....i told the sad truth....on a good note, i am 3 pounds lighter!!!! tomorrow is a new week and i am committed, right?

i am going through a dilemma right now though........this weight thing is really quit tricky. as we all do, i want this stuff gone and quick. my history is such that i have never had to worry about my weight.........i graduated high school weighing 113 pounds....i left for my mission weighing 119 heaviest was 255 pounds on the day i had the twins (november 3, 2008). needless to say right now i am between 113 pounds and 255 pounds :) !!! anyway, getting back to the subject, am i doing the right thing "diet" for me and my body?? is what i'm doing the best to maximize the total weight lost? DILEMMA!!!

regardless of what i do, i have to do something! i want to show you what i saw in the mirror of our expidition while i was waiting to pick up a prescription..............
lets get a closer view, shall we?
anyone see that horrible quadruple chin?? (don't mind the water spots on the mirror.....we do live in washington state!!) further motivation to stay on track!

i have been on the hunt for a treadmill. one of my friends had one and donated it to the cause and i parked that bad boy in my living room facing the tv. talking about an elephant in the room! my thought was that it would make me feel bad to sit on my rump when i could actually be doing something if the tv is on later at night. the downside of the treadmill is that it shorts out whenever it feels like it, which puts a damper on continuity!! i had joseph look at it today and while i was working out on it, the thing started sparking and the smell of smoke was in the air. not good! on to plan two..........i'm trying to figure that out!

anyway, i went to the baby shower of a friend last night. she had her 5th baby and she is beautiful! there is something about a new baby that brings me to my knee's! it was so good to spend a little bit of "away from church time" with so many great ladies! our ward (aka. church or congregation) is SO big and there are SO many people there that it is sometimes hard to associate and get to know everyone. i have been here for 2 1/2 years and feel like i have barely scratched the surface with getting to really KNOW people here. it's exciting to me! i wish that we had the chance to have downtime more often. time to talk and to get to know one another! the baby shower was a sweet celebration for my friend and her newest princess and a perfect time to visit with those i don't see very often! i had to leave before the shower was over but wish that i could have stayed.......maybe i will host a girls night and invite all to fear is no one would come because people don't know me! might as well try and see!


  1. Girl's Night at Holly's? I'm SO there! And congrats on 3 lbs. Usually the first week of my diets I end up gaining 3!. Any loss (and sometimes no gain) is success in my book!

  2. I'd be there too! I love to party!

    Three pounds is awesome! There is no shame in that at all! Keep up the good work, and good luck with the treadmill.

  3. Shelby has a treadmill in her garage that she isn't using and wants gone...I would totally come to a girls night at your house! Bring it.