Thursday, January 14, 2010

airing my dirty laundry........

LiTeRaLlY!!!! i don't think that anyone can understand the shear volume of laundry that i have in my house on any given day!! i recently went on a laundry hiatus....................for about 4 weeks (no kidding)! i pulled all of it out of my laundry room 2 days ago and decided it was time to catch up!

sadly, my family still has drawers/closets full of clothing!

brace yourself, all of my OCD sisters! it is FrIgHtEnInG!!!

i can assure you that my laundry room does not look like this now! it was utter MaDnEsS!!

1 comment:

  1. Holly, I added you to my bloglist. I am so glad to keep in touch over technology! I love that you let your laundry go! That means you care more about other things than dumb old laundry! I don't think I have enough clothes to go that long, but ROCK ON for letting it pile up!