Sunday, May 10, 2009


i am so grateful for all the mothers in my life! i have dear friends who are not yet mothers, but who are wonderful examples of how a woman should be in preparing to become a mom! i have friends who are exceptional mothers. they show me new and interesting was to parent and to "be" with my children. i've had 2 grandmothers who led the way in organizing and binding many families together to become one. i have 6 aunts who have been a constant in my life.......13 cousins (girls) who are raising 30 children between them all.......3 sister in laws, who teach me daily by their mistakes and mother in law, who works so hard and loves so intently that she encompasses all who come in contact with her . missy, my sweet sister, who travels the road of motherhood with me.......and my mom!

there is not a day that goes by where i don't think about my mom. i talk to her almost everyday! growing up i remember my mom doing so much for me......i don't think i understood exactly what went into raising 3 children until i had children of my own. she was always the one who would tuck me in at night, comfort me when sick, buy the clothes that i had to have, take me for special outings. daily she gave 100% of herself to make sure that i was happy, safe, and loved! even through the teenage years where i pushed every button she had, she was diligent, prayerful, constant! my mom is kind, happy, loving, talented, soft spoken, funny, artistic, creative, gentle, caring, bright, honest, peaceful, compassionate, hardworking, selfless, fashionable, current, a wonderful cook, educated, fluent, vibrant, colorful, witty, spiritual, forgiving lady. there aren't enough words to describe my mom! she is a southern belle, daughter, sister, aunt, wife, gamma. she is my example, my sounding board, my motivator, my friend.........she is my mother! if i am half the mother that my mom is then i will have greatly succeeded!

i honor my mom and all the wonderful woman in my life who buoy me up and who have gone before me and walk with me in this journey of motherhood!

i am so grateful to be a mom! it is one of the hardest, most exhilarating, trying experiences that i have ever had! 4 of the kids have been sick today but they all did their best to make me feel very special. i was treated to wonderful handmade gifts, white roses, a scrumptious dinner with dessert, a long nap, and lots of hugs and kisses!

i feel very humbled to be given such a wonderful responsibility of being a mom!

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  1. Beautiful Holly! Your mom is definately all of those things and more! You are also and amazing mom! Love you!