Sunday, May 31, 2009

accident prone.....

today was not a very good day for gracie! i guess not only today, but the whole week! at jacksons tball game, gracie decided she wanted to go and play on the playground instead of watching jackson any child would! she was playing on the monkey bars with another little boy who happened to have cleats on! long story short, he kicked her in the face and BUSTED her lip wide open, laid one of her front teeth straight back on her palate, chipped the tooth beside the front tooth, and bruised her chin pretty good. the child denied ever kicking her!! this past thursday at baseball practice, one of her team mates decided to throw the ball to gracie while she was trying to get her glove on her hand and hit her dead center in the chest and the ball bounced up and hit her in the neck/chin area! those two incidents are two of many! the child has bruises up and down her body! i feel so bad for her!