Thursday, May 7, 2009

jacksons preschool mothers day program!

today was an exciting day for jackson and i! it is not very often that i get to go and be with one of the children by themselves. joseph came home late last night so that i could attend jacksons preschool mothers day program. standing back and watching him helps me to remember just how little he really is! in our home, he is the second oldest and so sometimes i forget that he is only 5 and a young 5 at that! there are 16 children in his class.......each one had a special part! jackson was a rooster in one song and said "cock-a-doodle-doo" and then he held up a picture of monkeys and said, "little monkeys have a mom to show them monkey shines" (that was part of a rhyme)! they danced and sang and recited poems! i think that my favorite part of the program was when 6 of the children held up the letters M-O-T-H-E-R and sang a song that went with each letter.......the words were something like this:

M is for the money you spend on me
O is for the open doors i leave
T is for the time you give to me
H is for the hand prints on the wall
E is for the early morning rises
R is for the runny nose you wipe
put them all together, they spell MOTHER!
Mother is the one i truly love!

they each frosted two flower shaped cookies and gave us a personally painted pot with a plant (jackson proudly reminds me that the plant is a marigold.....for all of those who are like me who have no clue about plants) with a homemade card in it! it was great! my only regret is that my camera/recorder ran out of juice!

jackson has grown so much! he is such a little kind and considerate of others! he gets excited about everything and when he looks at you with those big baby blues, all i want to do is melt! he is in a wonderful place right now! his preschool teacher is fantastic and so are all of his friends and their families! it is good to be a mom today! thanks jackson for such a sweet gift!


  1. Oh little Jack. How sweet was that. Those are the perfect Mother's Day gifts when the children work so hard and are so proud of their little gifts. You won't forget will you Holly. He is precious. Mom

  2. So cute Holly! He is such a cute little guy. By the Way you look awesome! Miss you!