Monday, June 6, 2011

olivia is 4!.......

so hard to believe that our "tiny" turned 4 yrs old yesterday! she loves birthdays and has been literally counting down for her birthday since february!

on friday, june 4, we finished the 2nd day of our yard sale and decided that we would take the kids out for dinner and for a pre-celebration of tinys birthday! our kids LOVE red that is where we went!

we told our server about it being olivias birthday and so after our meal, he came out with a big ice cream sundae and a balloon for little miss! she was so excited! before they could sing happy birthday to her, she already had the cherry from the sundae in her mouth and was grinning ear to ear!

on olivias actual birthday we decided to take the kids out to the park!

then today, we opened presents!

not our typical birthday celebration but all and all, i think olivia was happy! happy birthday little sister!

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