Thursday, June 16, 2011

just for amy........

tonight we celebrated one of our dear friends, amy gerber, who is moving from puyallup to Virginia in july! the dinner was planned and organized by vivian kerr! we all met at olive garden for a yummy meal!

(below L-R: kristin dyer, brenna yetter, mary mortenson, char gray, kelley connor, elizabeth, vivian kerr, jenn evans, nicole gibeault, julie johansson, robyn lowry)(below L-R: me, tasha allen, amy gerber, april madsen, crystal ward, preston, christie macdonald, corine roberts, jodi elwell, amy grendell, jonae black)

i couldn't resist getting a picture with tash and amy before the night was over! i wasn't able to get one with them at my birthday party (they were the masterminds behind it all)! i love them both!

amy and i became instant friends the minute we moved to puyallup! she is an amazing lady! we did a co-op together every Saturday with other families so couples could have date nights. amy was (one of) my lifesaver when i went on bedrest with the twins.....she came and picked gracie and jackson up and brought them home from school everyday for as long as we have been here! that is HUGE! our kids have been in the same class at church and at school for the same amount of time! i am so thankful for her and grateful for the opportunity we have had to spend this time together in puyallup! thank goodness for forever friends!

(on a side note, as we were leaving the restaurant one of the servers asked us how we all knew each other.....i said that we were all sisters! they looked at me funny and then jodi said we are all sister wives! we got a good laugh out of that!)

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