Wednesday, April 1, 2009

who has time????

i like to think of myself as one who doesn't follow the crowd or isn't influenced by the latest happening thing that is going on.....that said, since about mid september, i have jumped on the bandwagon for alot of crazes. the first was reading the twilight series. i swore up and down that i was not going to get involved with a bunch of vampires and then i was put in the hospital on bedrest and given the book by a friend to help pass time. it sat there and stared at me for 2 days....then i picked it up and read the first chapter and that was it! i couldn't put the book down nor could i stop myself from reading the other 3 in the series. then i was invited by several friends to join facebook! i barely have time to eat during the day and people are inviting me to join facebook......what is facebook? my curiosity got the best of me and i joined and instead of getting much needed sleep at night, i have to see if anything has changed on facebook before i can close my eyes! so sad! that brings me to this point.......BLOGGING! i love to read other peoples blogs, i think it's a fun idea, i swore that i would never have a blog myself because when would i have time to sit down and blog? blah, blah, blah! and here i's 12:07 am and i am trying to figure this whole blog thing out! we'll see how it goes!

if anyone decides to read this and is curious about our world.......WELCOME! i hope i can keep up with it all! here goes nothing.......