Friday, April 3, 2009

our third child.... many of you know, of our 6 little darlings, ela is our "independent" one! every family has one, right? she is the one who can push my buttons in a second flat! she constantly has something new and interesting to say, she has one volume which is LOUD, and she is not afraid of anything! if we were to open the front door, she would run out and never look back, which by the way, she has done and i have ran out after her many a day. this is the child who decided to climb up in the playroom window last summer and bounce on the screen like it was a trampoline, the whole time laughing like she was at an amusement park having the time of her life. mind you, the playroom is on the second floor of our house and thus the window is too! when i came around the corner and saw my then two year old lunging herself into the screen again and again and again my heart stopped and my blood went cold! this is the same child who can sing every letter of the alphabet with a animal name attached: alligator, bat, cat, dog, elephant.......the other day we stopped to let a bus full of high school students cross the road and of coarse they are going to get out one by one, right behind each other, and ela says, "why are they playing follow the leader? can i be the leader one day?" when she gets up in the morning she proclaims to the world,"i slept last year! i had good breams!" she is the one that you go looking for when things are to quite! i have found her pouring water out of the toilet with her shoe all over the floor so she could go swimming. she loves to climb up on the sink and put soap on her fingers and draw all over the mirror. i have found her at the bottom of the stairs with 12 peeled bananas lined up neatly with the peels flung all over the living room! she is the one who will change her clothes 15 times a day just because she can! and all of that has happened in just one day! this child likes to run out in the middle of a parking lot not turning to see if a car is coming or heaven forbid listening to the frantic screaming from her mother to "Stop"! If you chase her she just runs faster! ela thinks that everyday should be her birthday.....she likes to tell me what her cake should look like; normally it is purple with blue pokadots! ela refers to her brothers and sisters as her "friends"! she thinks that her gamma and her ma maw are "the breast cookers ever"! she is her daddy's biggest fan and i think that she secretly knows that she has him wrapped so tightly around her little finger that no matter what she does all she has to do is bat those big baby blues at him and he is going to melt right in the palm of her hand! our ela is one of a kind!

the whole point of me telling you this is right before she went to bed tonight, she came up to me and said,"mommy, i lub you so much! you are the breastest mommy ever! will you always be my breast friend?" she is something else!

heavenly father certainly broke the mold when He sent her to least we hope so! not only for our sakes, but for everyone else as well!


  1. I have one of those. He's my number 2. I can't tell you how much I look forward to reading future blogs. Why aren't we better friends? We've gotta change that!

  2. Holly, the blog is great! I loved the post about Ela!!! She enjoys her life! my favorite was the shoe in the toilet bowl wanting to go swimming! posts some pictures of the kids!

  3. yay holly! glad to see you in cyber land. ela sounds like a laugh a minute, i hope you are doing well with the little ones, especially the twins! we love you tons!
    jen wilson, the cousin:)

  4. I remember the Butt cream painting of the bed! I was an eye witness! I'm glad, really glad, that I'm one of her friends.