Tuesday, February 16, 2010


this morning max joined jackson, ela, and olivia in the "tubes" club! we got him up bright and early and took him to the ent. the dr said he had pus packed in his little canals that had to be sucked out! nasty i know! since he has gotten home he hasn't stopped! he acts like nothing happened today, which makes me happy! the only thing that i can see is different is that he can hear sounds he didn't hear before.......he turns his head and looks around! he is happy!

i credit the small ear canals to joseph........just so you know! :)


  1. I'm so glad he recovered so quickly! Here's hoping for no more ear infections!!!!

  2. That is good to hear. Ian and Mallory both had them also. I waited longer for Ian, but when I saw Mallory was getting ear infections that wouldn't go away for long, I was in there like flynn, ha ha.

    Glad he's good to go. I bet you may get some sleep now!

  3. GREAT TO HEAR!!! Now next time take him to the chiropractor.....they will adjust him and this will help keep the ear canel clear so things can flow.